Help with promoting your club or society

We want to help you as much as we can when it comes to promoting your group or event, so we have put together some tools to help you with this! We also have a few schemes and opportunities for you to showcase your talents.

But here's a couple of reminders first on what you should make the most of:

  • Make sure your website page is up to date. Committee members are able to edit their pages - if you want more info on how to do this just drop us an email at
  • Set up a social media account and follow us at UEA SU Opportunities so we can follow, retweet and share posts! Just remember social media is a very public resource, so make sure you don't post anything offensive or inappropriate. Portray your student group in the best light!
  • Submit events on our website. The SU calendar has all the club and gig nights at UEA which means a lot of people look at it - and as a student group you can put your events on here too!

Here's a few extra tools for you to help with your promotion:

For those of you who are savvy with design software, we have created some design templates for you to use here. We can use these to put up posters or add them to our screens in the Union! You just need to click here and attach them to an email!

If you would like to nominate yourself for Club or Society of the Month then please send us an email of no more than 100 words on why you think it should be you and a picture that represents your club or society. If you are successful we will promote you on the SU newsletters for the entire month.

There is also more marketing information here.