welcome week - societies and sports fairs, dsd and volunteering

Welcome Week 2019

Welcome Week is coming quick, and before you all know it the new academic year will be beginning!

We want to make sure you are all prepared for the year beginning, and to make sure you societies, clubs and peer support groups all get off to the best start!

Throughout Welcome Week, there will be so many different events and activities taking place, Food Fair will be on Monday 23rd September, and Welcome Fair on Thursday 26th, but as committee members of clubs, societies and psg's, the ones that matter for you are Societies and Sports Fairs. 

Societies Fair will be on Tuesday 24th September from 11am until 6pm (with an accessbility hour from 10-11am)!

Remember that societies will all need to apply for your stall, as these are given out on a first-come first-served basis. The link to apply is right here, with the deadline for applications being 31st August. 

For a full Welcome Week Guide for Societies, click here!

Sports Fair is Wednesday 25th September from 11am until 4pm (with an accessibility hour from 10-11am).

Sports Clubs automatically recieve a stall so no need to apply, but look out for emails from UEA Sport about the fair and how you can prepare.

You should also begin preparing your taster sessions! Every society, club and psg will be doing a taster sessions, some of you may not even realise. Basically, all of your first activities, events or sessions are classed as taster sessions, and therefore count as Do Something Different Sessions! We need to know what you are all planning for your first sessions, so that we can put together a programme for students to have when they arrive, so make sure you fill in this form explaining your taster session.

We also need to put a call out for Welcome Week Volunteers! We would really love to see many of you helping throughout the week, and making sure that your fellow students settle into university life. You could be that encouraging, helpful person, who makes a real difference at the beginning, and it might also gain you a few extra members in your group! If you'd like to be a volunteer, please sign up here.

Remember, through Do Something Different, you could also claim back some money for this, so contact Chloe Platt for this.