booking a BBQ


TOP TIPS for booking a BBQ


  1. All the info you need is on the Portal 
  2. There are 9 BBQ’s that are bookable – they are very popular at the weekend and in good weather, advance booking is recommended.  Security will have a copy of bookings and can advise if there are spaces for late requests at the weekend.
  3. If your BBQ is for more than 12 people you have to complete the BBQ Event Permissions form and a Risk Assessment Form
  4. Your Event Permissions Form MUST be;
    1. Complete!
    2. Accurate – correct dates etc. (not last year’s form)
    3. Honest – Security have the right to stop your event  if it breaches the agreement
    4. Signed by yourself
    5. Agreed and signed by Alun Minifey (please email
    6. Submitted to Open Space Events a MINIMUM of one week before your event, we cannot guarantee a booking with less notice but will always try out best to turnaround a quick respone
  5. The OPEN Space Events are usually on site Mon – Fri 9-4, we aim to respond within 24 hours during this time
  6. Please note that it is your responsibility to check and adhere to the BBQ terms and conditions


Thank You!