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As a society or club, there are grants open to you from the Union. These do not need to be paid back and are designed to help your society or club develop and meet its objectives by providing funding for things it couldn't afford otherwise. 

We have several different grant available, so have a look below to see which one you should apply for!

society grant:

student group collaboration fund:

  • This grant is available for all societies, peer support groups and clubs, where a collaboration is taking place with two or more societies, peer support groups or clubs involved
  • You can apply for 20% of the total cost of your collaborative event/activites, up to £100
  • To apply, fill in the short form at this link
  • For more information about the grant click here

green impact fund:

  • This grant is for student groups who are attempting to reduce their groups' negative impact on the environment
  • The total amount in the pot is £500, and you can apply for £50 if you have completed 3 environmentally friendly actions/activities, or £75 for 5!
  • This money is provided to those who can prove they have already carried out the activity, therefore you must apply after doing the activity or action
  • To apply, fill in the form here
  • For more information about the grant click here

The 1st deadline for these grant applications is Friday 22nd November! 


club grant:

  • The Club Grant pot holds £15,000 which all clubs are eligible to apply for
  • There is also no limit on how much you can apply for, but do be realistic as your fellow club president's will all vote on the allocations - you can apply for equipment, travel, activities etc.
  • To apply for this, fill in the grant request form here and send to your Sports Exec Rep and the Acitivites and Opportunities Officer
  • For more information about the grant click here

Next deadline is on Friday 25th October !


major events grant 

This is a pot of £1500, made up of three seperate £500 pots, which any student group, individual student or group of students can apply for

  • You can get £500 towards your major event, which must be a new concept, with a strict criteria. 
  • To apply for this grant, fill in the form attached here
  • You can see a breakdown of the criteria and more information here

The major event grant is decided on by the Student Events Coordinator, so you can contact them if you have any further questions and has certain deadlines so make sure to read the information document!


If you receive any sponsorship offers, make sure you have been in contact with us before you sign anything, and if you are a club uea+sport too, and read up in the Finance section to ensure you follow the correct process.