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As a society or club, there are grants open to you from the Union. These do not need to be paid back and are designed to help your society or club develop and meet its objectives by providing funding for things it couldn't afford otherwise.


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society grants:

The Union holds an £10,000 grant pot to fund certain society expenses and activities. If applications meet our grant criteria and there is enough money to fulfil your request, the Societies Exec team will approve it. If the grant pot is running low on available funds, or the amount you have applied for is large, the amount of grant funding your society has received in the past two years may be taken into consideration.

Please have a look at our guidelines for a successful grant application before applying. You might need to fill in and attach an event budget to your application. You can download a template event budget here!

The process is simple: Apply online here or download a hardcopy here: Grant application word and email it to in order for it to be considered.

IMPORTANT NOTES about society grants:

If you are planning an event or trip, please consider alternative sources of funding in the event that your grant application is not approved. If you apply for a grant to fund something, it is NOT guaranteed that you will get this money and you must have made alternative provisions for funding so that you don't plan an event and end up having to cancel it due to lack of funding. In short, don't assume that you will get the money you ask for and make sure you have other arrangements in place!

Will my grant be approved?

The short answer is…  maybe! Some things will be, and some things won’t be.

  • Society members do not expect to do everything for free. If you are travelling somewhere, you are allowed to charge money to help cover the cost of transport, accommodation, refreshments etc.
    • For example, if you are going to a competition and are using the society money to pay for entry, you can charge society members £10 each to pay for the coach to get to the competition instead of applying for a grant. This will be faster, and you are more likely to be able to afford the trip!
    • SO, if you could reasonably charge your members a small fee to take part and you're not doing that, your grant is less likely to be approved!
  • You cannot apply to be refunded for things you have already bought, or events that have already happened. So if you've already bought the items or been on the trip before your grant request is discussed, soc exec can't grant you any money. 
  • To see what was approved last year click here!

We have managed to squeeze in another Societies Executive meeting for Tuesday 29th April. Therefore you have until Thursday 25th April at 4pm to get your grant applications into our inbox. 


major event grant

  • Must be as accessible, inclusive and open as possible
  • Must have a clear, budget, timeframe and event plan.
  • Must demonstrate clear demand for the event.
  • Must be a new concept (The Grant isn't for exsisting events.)
  • Must have clear measurable outcomes. 

Within the application below, you must clearly identify the following

  • The overall identity/event idea - This is a clear aim and a clear identity, so that anyone can identify exactly what your event entails.
  • Market research and demand for the event. - Please demonstrate the amount of support for the idea (this can be through survey results, engagement on Social Media and testimonials).
  • The measurable positive impact of the event. - Please outline the positive impact your event would make on the student and wider community.
  • An estimated time frame. - Please demonstrate a well thought through timeline of actions e.g. Promotion plan, ticket release dates, obtaining equipment etc.
  • Why would this work at UEA? - Following on from Question 2, please demonstrate why your event would work at UEA.
  • How do you intend to use the Grant? - Please demonstrate accurately an overall budget for your event and how you would intend to spend the £500 grant money.
  • How will you make this event as inclusive and accessible as possible? - Please demonstrate the steps you are taking to make the event as inclusive as possible.

To find out more and apply click on the link below:

student group collaboration fund

There are so many societies doing amazing things, and we want to help you make even more happen! So, we’ve started the student group collaboration fund, where you could get cash for doing a cool event with another student group!

What can we get?

  • If you meet all the criteria, then we will give you 20% of the cost of your event (up to a total of £100)
  • So, if your event will cost £100, we’ll give you £20 to help pay for it :)
  • This pot is not exhaustive and will be administered on a first come first served basis

What do I have to do to be eligible?

  • Be organising and running a collaborative event/project, which is organised by two or more student group committees (not including the media collective).
  • You must apply before the event takes place and within grant deadline periods
  • You can request up to 20% of the cost of the event, up to a total of £100
    • You’ll need to attach a budget for the event. You can download a template here if you like:
  • Show how all named groups are involved in advertising and organising the event. For example: 
    • Have all group names in the event title
    • All groups have advertised their event on their respective pages/to their members
    • Anything further evidence you can provide of collaboration
  • You must explain how this will benefit the groups involved. Why is this collaboration important – what will it bring to your members, how will it help you achieve your aims?
  • If you are a sports club you must be collaborating with a society or peer support group as a primary partner – 2 or more sports clubs can’t apply for this funding as this would qualify for the club’s grant pot administered by uea+sport and the Sports Executive

How to apply

  1. Fill in the short form at this link.
  2.  It will then go to our student reps at Societies Exec who will vote on your application. They meet once a month during term time. The deadline is one week before the meeting – you can find out the deadline and when they’re next meeting, here:

green impact fund   

Green Impact Fund

We want to encourage our student groups to be environmentally conscious. That’s why we’ve started the green impact fund where you could get cash for your group, for reducing your student groups’ negative impact on the environment.

What can we get?

  • The pot is £500 in total, and this will awarded on a first come first served basis.
  • You can get £50 for doing three environmentally friendly actions/activities
  • You can get £75 for doing 5 environmentally friendly actions!

What do I have to do to be eligible?

In order to be eligible all you need is an activity/action that you have done as a society which is environmentally friendly and proof of this.

Here is a list of ideas of potential environmentally friendly changes you can implement and how you can prove you have done it! (this is not an exhaustive list, so feel free to come up with your own).

  • Using biodegradable, reusable, or paper straws for an event or social. You can prove this by taking a picture of the event and the straws being used
  • Turning off the lights of the rooms you have booked after you leave, again you can also do this by taking a picture of the room after you have left
  • If you a have a big event on campus and you produce a lot of rubbish, show us that you recycled
  • Advertising your events online and on the screens in union house instead of using paper leaflets or posters
  • Ordering your supplies/equipment from environmentally friendly retailers
  • Any type of reusing, reducing and recycling activity is welcome. For example reusing old Christmas cards to make new ones to sell during Christmas.
  • Setting up an ‘how to be environmentally friendly chat or presentation’ for your members.
  • Organising for your group to take public transport instead of driving to events
  • Something else that you can show you did, that has a positive impact on the environment!

How to apply

  • Fill in the form here.
  • You will need to send us a link to a document that includes the three or five actions you took to protect the environment, and the evidence that you did those
  • We will check over your evidence, and get in touch with you if you’ve been granted the money!
  • If you have, we’ll get the money moved into your student group account to spend on whatever you want!

club grants:

UEA Sport holds a pot of £15,000 per academic year which is to be distributed amongst clubs - any club can apply for a grant.

The deadline for grant applications to be submitted is two weeks before the start of every month. The application must be submitted to your Sports Exec rep and the Activities & Opportunities Officer to ensure that the correct information is included; an updated budget and inventory form must also be sent. This will then be presented at the Sports Exec meeting, where they will 'recommend' the grant or 'recommend a rejection' to the club presidents.


Once a grant request has been passed, the club should contact James Raywood about using the funds. The money does not enter the club's account but is spent on their behalf.


Grants last for one year and the club must spend the money within this timeframe.


Please read the criteria for grant request approval before applying. 


To apply for the grant please fill in the Sports Grant Request Form and email it to your sports exec representative and 



If you receive any sponsorship offers, there are a few things you have to determine before sending it on to us to process (please see the Finance page to find out more). Each sponsor will be sent an invoice by the finance office. When they pay this invoice the money will go into your account.

Firstly, you have to determine who the invoice should be addressed to and what the person’s contact details are. then you must find out whether the amount you have been offered includes VAT or whether they will pay the VAT on top of that amount.

Once this has been confirmed, email your correspondence to (make sure it includes proof of their agreement to pay and what it is in exchange for) and an invoice can be sent straight to the sponsor.